Finest Master Percussionists, Musicians, Dancers, Acrobats and Contortionists of Guinea

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Guinée-Percussions Is the country’s finest master percussionists, musicians, dancers, acrobats and contortionists have been brought together to create a truly electrifying performance enriched by the interweaving of contemporary and traditional musical expression and choreography. Their musical arrangements span over the four cultural regions of Guinea: Forest, Coastal, Midland and of course the Highland Region, known as the paradise of the Djembe Drum.

Mesmerizing audiences with high-energy and showmanship, revealing all of the rhythmic, instrumental and metaphoric richness of African music! The drummers of Guinea are universally known and respected for their skills, speed and talent; their rhythms are taught and played all over the world.  Their music, dance and acrobatics is deeply woven into the fabric of Guinean culture and generates images of traditions that have spanned generations.

They are the most accomplished and respected performance ensembles in West Africa. Guinée-Percussions is demonstrative of the rich cultural heritage and musical traditions of West Africa. The artists comprising Guinée-Percussions are selected from amongst the most distinguished Masters in their field.

They possess an exemplary precision and virtuosity on a variety of instruments including the djembe, doundoun, Sangban, Kenkeni, krin, balafon, flute, boté, bolon and gongoma. Accompanying the music are dancers adorned in colorful costumes of traditional design. The audience is spellbound as they spin and leap across the stage, performing powerful acrobatics and breathtaking dance movements.

The company presents a truly electrifying performance deeply enriched by its representation of West Africa’s cultural traditions. The ensemble possesses its own unique identity and personality which, combined with the virtuosity of its artists, creates an authentic musical journey. They create an unbelievable evening of pulsating sound that brings audiences to their feet! Guinée-Percussions bring its audiences an unforgettably rich and rewarding experience. By sharing with the world the musical heritage of West Africa the ensemble connects its audiences to cultural traditions that have existed since the dawn of humanity. Their rousing performances not only spread Guinean culture abroad, but also educate younger generations about the power and beauty of African culture.

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